Kimberly Groom
Image by Christy Cambell

Image by Christy Cambell

About Me

I grew up here in Broomfield and I consider myself a 2nd generation Broomfield'er and 4th generation Coloradian.  I have watched us grow from a small town that nobody knew to a huge city with that same small town feel.  I remember when I was younger, trying to describe where Broomfield was, I would tell people we were a small suburb between Denver and Boulder.  Now that small suburb is an international business destination and rated "top city" in the country to raise a family.  I am excited to throw my name in the hat to represent the town I grew up in and where my two amazing boys call home.

Not only did I grow up here, I have established my professional career in industries core to Broomfield's economic growth.  My first job (not really a contributor to the economic growth...yet a heck of a lot of fun!) was a Lifeguard at the Broomfield Swim and Tennis Club.  I worked there for 7 years during high school and college -- it couldn't have been a better teenage job!  After college, I chose to to stay in Colorado and have held position for three top Northern Colorado companies.

  • 6 years at Rocky Flats - Environmental Remediation Program Manager
  • 18 years at Ball Aerospace and Technology Corp. - Aerospace Program Manager
  • 2 years at DanoneWave - Food and Beverage Senior Program Manager

My formal education history:

  • Public Education: Emerald Elementary, Broomfield Junior High, Broomfield High School
  • Bachelor of Science: Business Management - University of Northern Colorado
  • Masters of Science: Environmental Management & Policy - Denver University
  • Masters of Science: Information Management Systems - Regis University
  • Rapport Leadership International - Leadership Certification
Photo by Christy Cambell

Photo by Christy Cambell


I have two sons, Kyle (right) and Ryan (left).   Kyle is 19 and pursuing his education to become a pilot while working full time and living in Boulder.  Ryan (aka "Gus") is a Junior at Broomfield High School, member of Blue Crew, and participates in football and wrestling.

My parents, Leonard and Patricia Groom still live in Broomfield. I am incredibly grateful for their guidance and family support.  I have two sisters who live locally, Dr. Melinda Groom  (married to Matt) and Trish Groom (married to Elias), as well as two nephews; Cole (24) and Matias (1).  

I am grateful to have many extended family members and friends here in Broomfield.



Community Engagement

"I am an active volunteer in Broomfield as my personal goal is to give at least two hours a week back to the community."  


Senior Resources of Broomfield (SRB) Board of Directors

I accepted the Board of Directors nomination for the Senior Resources of Broomfield in March, 2017.  The SRB organization works directly with City and County of Broomfield to strategically plan for the current and future needs of our seniors.  I am both passionate and concerned about the seniors of our community and am proud to give back to the residents who helped create our Broomfield legacy. 

Organizations Within Our Local Community

  • Community Food Share facility: I often find time with my family and friends to volunteer at our local Community Food Share facility. Established in the early 1980's the Community Food Share program serves many communities in Northern Colorado and right here in Broomfield. If you haven't volunteered at the Community Food Share facility, grab a few friends and go spend 3-4 hours; it's a blast and a unique way to spend time together!  
  • Make A Wish
  • Broomfield FISH
  • Broomfield High School Coat Drive
  • Soldier Care - packages for military members oversees.  

Connecting Volunteer Opportunities with Parenting

Connecting the two (volunteer & parenting) entities of my life has been the most rewarding community engagement I have participated in!  I have been cross-walk duty at Birch Elementary, Youth Soccer coach (2 team & 2 seasons a year), youth football team mom, youth baseball team mom, youth wrestling coach & board of directors, middle school wrestling "Drill Sargent" and BHS Football Dinner parents group!