Fiscal Responsiblity

For the last 5 years, City & County of Broomfield has been distinguished with the Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association.  In order to receive this award, a governmental unit must publish a budget document that meets certain criteria as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan, and as a communications device.  In addition, the City & County Administration manages to a  "zero based budgeting process" across all departments that requires justification of budget growth, if any, from year to year.  No arbitrary 2% or 4% growth rates are applied to actuals.

As your elected representative, I will keep this "best practice" while keeping innovative and efficient programs moving Broomfield forward with out increasing debt.

Over the course of my career I have developed multi-million dollar operational budgets & contracts that will provide me ability to understand the zero-based budgeting process & overall "big picture" of the budget planning process.


Getting to work is getting tougher each day!  The population growth rate has outpaced the road capacity during the high volume times of the day (work commutes in morning and afternoon).   120th & hwy 36 interchange, 144th between Lowell & 287;  136th between Sheridan & 287; old "Broomfield bridge" on Wadsworth; Lowell blvd in either direction; and the list goes on.  Broomfield has already budgeted almost $80 million dollars in capital improvement project budgets and bonds to support some of these current infrastructure issues in 2017 & 2018.  

As your elected representative, I will ensure on-time, with-in budget, and quality project completions.  

My direct work experience as a Program Manager for the last 25 years will provide me the ability to understand work status/timelines associated with remaining budgets, in order to ask right questions to ensure positive outcomes.  

Oil & Gas

As many surrounding communities are spending MILLIONS of tax dollars fighting various aspects of Oil & Gas regulations, Broomfield has taken a different approach.  In the "Broomfield Way" an Oil & Gas task force was developed to understand & recommend a set of "operating standards" for doing business in Broomfield.  Albeit the State of Colorado has the toughest fracking regulations in the Nation, that didn't stop this tasks force for asking for more in the spirit of health & safety for our citizens.  The City used these recommended "operating standards" to open negotiations with Oil & Gas companies to establish a Memorandum of Understanding.  At this point in negotiations, the City of Broomfield has confirmed many aspects ABOVE and BEYOND the tough Colorado requirements.  Albeit negotiations are not complete and there are still many areas of concern, we as citizens are getting increased health and safety & protection of the environment far exceeding what other communities are getting via the litigation process.  I support Broomfield starting with this collaborative working relationship to see where this path leads (as it has already been to our benefit).  Who knows we might be setting the standards for many City's (and the State) to follow in our foot steps!  There is always an option for litigation if this collaborative relationship proves unable to establish the balance between economic growth, health & safety and environmental protection.

As your elected representative, I will commit to doing everything within my power to ensure health & safety and environmental protection is balanced with economic benefits.  

As an environmentalist and an Environmental Remediation Program Manager at the Department of Energy Super Fund Site, Rocky Flats, I know first hand what un-intentional and intentional poor business practices can do to the Environment.  My personal passion for the environment, my formal education (Masters in Environmental Management & Policy), and my direct work experience has prepared me for making decisions associated with Oil & Gas operations in Broomfield.  I promise to listen to both sides of each multi-faceted topic in order to provide informed fact-based decisions.