Why Democrat?

In my twenties, I made the choice to register as a democrat due to my environmental education & experience as well as my desire to practice holistic wellness and meditation, as I thought those things identified with more liberal beliefs.

As my life journey developed in my 30's and 40's I became more politically aware and learned more about the conservative vs liberal spectrum.  Several years ago I aligned to conservative beliefs, and sense then I have considered myself a republican.  

Why Republican Now?  

During the 2016 presidential election, I attend the Republican caucus at the local High School, and was reminded upon check-in that I was registered with the Democratic Party.  It didn't take me by surprise, as I understood my struggle in years past.   Due to a career transition in 2016, I gave 100% attention to overcoming my learning curve and postposed modifying my party affiliation paperwork.

With only a few weeks prior to this election cycle I took the time and effort to modify and correct my paperwork!  I made this choice shortly before I filed my petition as I wanted to tie up a few loose ends regarding my identity.  First, I started the process to change my name from Kimberly Ruger to Kimberly Groom (maiden name).  I choose to keep my married name after divorce to identify with my children's given name.  This had significant meaning to me and I am happy to have been given a choice.  Yet to run for elected office I felt it necessary to make the change, albeit a few years earlier than I planned.  Similar to party affliction, I started this process only a few weeks prior to confirming my decision to run in this election.

The party affiliation change was simply aligning with my true belief system.  Political party registration was not a significant priority until I made the decision to run for office....NOT because of developing a "win" strategy, but because I felt I needed to be true to my voters and let them know what is on the inside matches the outside!  Personally, to be in the public eye as a "secret" republican wouldn't be fair to anyone.  So it needed to be done and yes it happened right before I applied to be  a candidate for Broomfield City Council (a non-partisan position!).

Election "Win" Strategy  

I knew at the beginning of my election this would draw attention, yet I did it any way.  If I really had ill intent I would have not filed the public paperwork and stayed as registered Democrat.  I believe the ill intent comes from the timing of publishing this information in coordination of the ballot mailings.

At the time of filing my registration I still had not made my decision to run in this election nor did I have the insight to the statistics of Ward 4.   There are many people in today's society moving from Republican or Democrat to Unaffiliated.  As in today's politics, both sides seem to be overwhelmed and there are numerous citizens leaving their party.   I clearly made a bold choice to go from Democrat to Republican, not to leave my party, but to join my party!

In regards to "win" strategy and Ward 4.  After starting my campaign and understanding the statistics, if this was my intent I would have move to Unaffiliated, as Unaffiliated has a strong representation in this Ward and has the "win" strategy if looking at the statistics.